_7157810-6-1_7157810-6-12013 © Michael P. Randazzo Imagine exploring brave new adventures to shoot. Rockets, Birds, People, Architecture, places and things you just never thought to shoot. Now to shoot them so that you can use your images to build blogs, write books, make it so someone would want to pay you for your work. Sounds nice right? But your point and shoot camera isn’t getting what you like, or you bought a professional DSLR and shoot on Auto because you have no idea what all those buttons do. Well let’s learn.

I have been shooting since I was 11 years old. I have learned from some of the best. Judith Farber, was a big influence on my composition, Lindsay Adler on my ability to edit and capture with what’s available as far as light, Bernice Abbott's work is incredible on the streets of NYC, Ansel Adams on my ability to shoot landscapes. Take a walk with me and learn to do all this and pick his brain on how to capture like a pro.

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