PhotoGuyMike | A gem in the box of rocks

A gem in the box of rocks

August 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Rare that you find a beauty like this while trudging through the others online. A lot of models brag or pontificate about their beliefs and rules to work with them. Anne Marie just worked and knocked you out with her beauty. I can't tell you how much the last shot here reminds me of one of the first. Norma Jean like pose. She is retired now but I was blessed to work with her a few times.

20090120_AnnMarie_ME_0083-320090120_AnnMarie_ME_0083-3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20090120_AnnMarie_ME_0054-120090120_AnnMarie_ME_0054-1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20090120_AnnMarie_ME_0067-220090120_AnnMarie_ME_0067-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20090120_AnnMarie_ME_0079-Edit-120090120_AnnMarie_ME_0079-Edit-1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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